footballI flew out to Denver (and boy are my arms tired . . . am I right? Am I right!?) for the 2007 All Star Game. I put my pictures on booger Flickr:

Also, a special plea to the douchebags sitting near me in Section 126: Please stop yelling “give him a CARD!!!!” after every foul. It’s fascist and annoying. Calm down. Learn the game and have fun. Finally is not “Ain-gel”. He’s Columbian, so you pronounce “Ahn-hell.”

Congrats to DCU’s U17s!

I was present for the final minutes of DCU’s 3-nil victory of KC in the U17 MLS cup thingy. Congrats lads . . . hopefully you’ll continue to get better and wear a senior team jersey in the coming years under our branded marquee next to our event banners.

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