Freddy, it’s not you its me.

I just want to see other midfielders . . . no don’t cry! I still think you’re great!

I dunno. I just need something different. Someone that can play outside midfield. You . . . well. Well, you’re just too much of an attcking mid. And, Ialready have that in my life.

We can still be friends, right? I mean we’ll see each other twice a year. Oh don’t be that way . . .

# # #

I’m sure message boards are melting in Salt Lake and, here, in DC. I urge calm people! You wanted soccer to become mainstream. Well, now it is. Every team has to cope with big trades.

I’ll miss Freddy, in DC.

I look forward to following his career and seeing him this summer at the U-20 World Cup. (Cheatin’ Bob needs to get him on the Senior Side quick.)

One side note for the soccer dorks: you suppose Jaime walks out of the tunnel with one less 9 on his back next year? Just sayin’ . . .

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