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Your lawn is a symbol of how much care you take over your garden as a whole. A luscious and solid carpet of green, shiny and well-manicured grass indicates that you take superb care of your garden and take the effort to maintain your own personal green space. However maintaining your lawn can be a bit of a chore and for a long time many have been touting natural turf as a kind of catch-all solution to easily repairing and maintaining your lawn. But why? Well let’s look at some of the reasons people generally cite for choosing turf over hand seeded lawns and synthetic.






Overall feel

Firstly, the feel of natural grass between your toes can’t be denied as one of the little pleasures in life and one of the main reasons choose to use natural grass turf as opposed to synthetic turf. While good quality synthetic turf can be just as soft, it’s not the same. Synthetic turf also has a tendency to heat up due to being made from nylon and become kind of uncomfortable to walk on in extreme heat. Whereas natural grass species remain cool, allowing you to enjoy a barefoot stroll through your garden all year round.

Air Quality

Grass is a living organism, and like a lot of living organisms actually breathe, they actually breathe in Carbon Dioxide and exhale oxygen. This means that an area of natural grass actually generates breathable air. And subsequently actually helps to remove harmful carbon dioxide pollution from the air, an average lawn in your back yard can absorb as much as 300 pounds of carbon dioxide from the air, actually making the air you and your family breath healthier and less polluted.


Now this particular advantage is completely subjective, it all really depends on what kind of look you want and what kind of turf will fit your gardens design. Obviously pretty much everybody loves the look of a natural lawn, the problem is that to keep a naturally seeded lawn green and luscious it requires not only water which can be a disadvantage in some parts of Australia, but it also requires the labor and time to regularly apply the water to your lawn. However it doesn’t have to be this way as with a natural turf lawn as the grass is already established it requires less water throughout its life, and water management systems can be installed or included with relative.

A parting tip

Did you know that natural grasses actually hold water? Well they do and its actually beneficial to your home in terms of fire safety, bush fires are a fairly common occurrence both in Australia and around the world and fire finds it hard to spread over a surface that holds water, and as fire will always take the path with the least resistance and the most fuel, many homes have been protected from the ravages of a fire by being surrounded by natural lawn.

Hopefully you have the basis to make a more informed decision, for more information please visit this link to A View Turf, specialists in Natural lawn turfs and turf supplies.

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