We all know that dancing is a good form of body exercise, but did you know that dancing is good for your brain too? It’s like the vitamins you take to help the brain function better. It helps us memorize stuff easily, communicate and express emotions even without words, and interact with others easier. Let’s take a look at how dancing can impact our brain and bodies.

Dance for Mental Health

The combination of learning to dance requires your brain to think and your body to burn calories. When dancing your body and brain are both burning calories, thus keeping our bodies and minds healthy which reduces the aging process. Researchers are reporting that people who took up dancing improved their overall health and reduced their waistlines, with the added benefit of improvement of memory and processing speed of their brains.




 So in what other way can dancing improve our health and wellbeing?


Age Gracefully – As we age the composition of our brains and bodies start to change and slow down. Our brain cells ability to message and store new information begins to slow down as well, along with our metabolism. Exercising our brains and bodies is vital in our efforts to maintain our wellbeing. How we treat our bodies is a major factor in determining how well we will age. So what can we do slow this down and ease the process of aging? Studies show that dancing offers unique advantages as opposed to other forms of exercise.

Boosts Memory and Reduces Dementia

A 21 year case study on senior citizens lead by the Albert Einstein College of Medicine found that dancing can actually improve our memories and reduce dementia more than other forms of activities. A stronger memory with the ability to retain more information for longer periods equals a smarter and sharper brain.





Increases Energy and Serotonin

Serotonin is a feel good chemical produced by our brain. It impacts every part of our body, from emotions to motor skills. Serotonin is considered a natural mood stabilizer and the chemical that helps sleeping, eating, and digesting. It helps reduce depression, regulate anxiety, heal wounds, stimulate nausea, and maintain bone health. Dancing has been directly linked to increasing serotonin.




Burn Calories and Lose Weight


All types of dancing essentially burn calories to help with weight loss and keep you healthy. Belly Dance can improve core strength, salsa can improve coordination and social skills, ballroom dancing is known to increase stamina and improve circulation and heart health. With consistent dancing, you’ll be sure to keep off the pounds while having fun too.

The reason for this is as you push the limits of your preexisting cardio vascular system, it becomes used to these kinds of traumas and straining and as you do this frequently it then learns to adjust, making your lungs inhale deeper and as you begin to lose more and more weight and become fitter, it is definitely something that you will see rapid improvement in the amount you can run


Improved Social Life

The benefits of socializing cannot be underestimated in the benefits it has on both the brain and the body. Loneliness and alienation are some of the major causes of weight gain and depression. Let’s not forget, dancing and socializing can be a lot more fun than working out by ourselves in a gym. Dancing allows us to meet new people who all desire to come together and have fun while enjoying music and dance.

There are many different hobbies that you can take up, but there are not so many that come with as many amazing health benefits as dancing. Not only will you improve your physical health but also improve your mental health as well. Dancing is a conversation between the mind, body and soul. So why not take up dancing?

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