You might need Australian locating services for a number of different reasons, – whether you want a swimming pool installed and you have to be mindful of where you’re digging; or perhaps you’re having issues with your   and you believe that it could have something to do with the structural integrity of your underground utility pipes. Whatever the case, any utility location company should be able to carry out their duties safely and efficiently, without causing any damage.

That being said, one of the most common reasons for a locating company to have to dig up underground utilities is because the damage has already been done. Understand that underground pipes and cables are constantly put through a significant amount of stress. This could be in the form of physical, chemical and biological, which then leads on to all manner of problems.


In this post, we are going to take a brief look at some of the most common causes of underground infrastructure damage:

1 – Leaking

Of course, one of the most common problems faced is leaking. Most of the time it’s fairly easy to notice when there’s a leak, as your water levels and pressure will be affected. However, leaks can start small and go unnoticed for quite some time.

Leaks can be caused by poor planning and workmanship, corrosion, weather related damage and mechanical wear and tear. Sometimes it’s simply a case of old age.

2 – Positional Deviation

Positional deviation is more common than you think and can be caused by several different reasons. The most obvious of which is from minor earthquakes and hydro-geological changes in the earths crust. Positional deviation can also be caused by poor planning and workmanship in the early stages. Again, this can lead to leaks and breakages and often causing your underground utilities to collapse entirely.

3 – Erosion, Wear n’ Tear

Naturally, underground utilities are working round the clock with very little respite. With so much in the way of fluids, minor objects, corrosive substances and other impactful factors, overtime they will break down and become damaged.

4 – Obstacles

Again, time is very much the cause of most of the damage to underground utilities. For example, in pipes, overtime items may begin to clog up in various intersections where different pipes meet, which will invariable disrupt and impede the flow. Before long, the water will no longer be able to flow at all, causing some serious structural issues as the water has to go somewhere!

When to Hire Australian Locating Services?

If you are having any issues and you suspect that they could have something to do with your underground utilities, then you should almost certainly hire a professional locating service immediately. They will be able to successfully identify the problem areas without making the situation worse, and then advise you from there.