Curse that Gertrude! She has the day off and left my RCA Victor Television Receiver turned to Bravo, her favorite network. I don’t know how to work the confounded contraception, so I had to watch episodes of Blow Out all day. I liked the Ukrainian episode the best . . .

Best Game: Spain v. Tunisia. It took 69 minutes before Spanish fans could breath again. Poor souls. They were turning blue, like the French!

Best ESPN Factoid: none.

Best face paint: The Swiss sure like to add! You + Me = Us!

The Final Whistle:
Reporter: I get a lot of contributors writing in saying that Claudio bogs the attack down; that you guys are so fast without him.

Bruce Arena: [snickers at the question]

Donovan: Claudio is our best player. Period.

The question is directed to Bruce Arena.

Bruce Arena: I don’t know who’s thinking that is. Writers you said? Well, that’s why they’re writers, I guess. We don’t listen to writers or fans in all honesty . . . “

Word, Bruce! I don’t listen to writers or fans either!

Overall Hasselhoff Rating for the Day: (out of 5)

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