I haven’t seen a Russian show that much red since Boris Yeltsin and I had three-day vodka bender in 1997. The man can hold his liquor, but there is a reason we call him “Red Face.” There is no evidence of Hallmark fixing this match, like previous games. But, we’ll look into it.

Best Game: England v. Ecuador. Becks is held to an insanely high standard, it’s amazing how he rises to the occasion. The U.S. needs a player like Wayne Rooney. Rooney is ferocious and talented, a combination any NBA fan will tell you makes a champion.

Best ESPN Factoid: none.

Best face paint: Curse you Andrew Lloyd Weber!

The Final Whistle:

Overall Hasselhoff Rating for the Day: (out of 5)

Can we get some robot referees? Seriously. Get Sony and the folks at M.I.T on it.

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