Germany and Italy won today. I had to make sure it wasn’t 1939. Normally, I like my shoot-outs to be in dusty, Western-movies. But, the shoot-out in Berlin wasn’t bad. It’s a terrible way to decide a game, though. I say bring back the golden goal, but with no time limit. Just play until someone scores or everyone collapses with exhaustion.

Italy just keeps on winning in spite of the off-field distractions. Maybe that’s the new model. Make the pitch a sanctuary for the players so they play with complete concentration. Well, that, or you can practice diving for 90th minute PK calls.

Best Game: Germany v. Argentina. Now is the time to cry for Argentina. They were the better team, but not the home team.

Best ESPN Factoid: Listening to Dave O’Brien and Marcelo Balboa for 120-minutes made my ears bleed!

Best face paint:

The Final Whistle: None.

Overall Hasselhoff Rating for the Day: (out of 5)

Minus a Hasselhoff for FIFA’s use of the shoot-out.

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