Man this tournament had more endings than a JRR Tolkien book! First, the end of regulation, then Zidane’s end, then the end of the first OT, then end of the second OT . . . I was like, “GET THE ELVES ON THE BOAT ALREADY!” Then the shootout arrived and I had my own private shootout it my pants. Clean-up on isle 10, Gertrude!.

The blue team won when it was finally over. Not Les Blues, but the Azzurri.So, the Italians are the champions of Emperor Wilhelm the II’s tournament of foot-ball. The land of bulls will burn tonight!

The Final Whistle: Watching team Italy cut Mauro Camoranesi’s hair after the win.

Overall Hasselhoff Rating for the Day: Four Golden Hasslehoff’s (minus one for Zidane and the poor PK call in the first half).

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