goes live this morning. (No I won’t tell you when. But, I don’t recommend you plan any morning meetings if you want to win those tickets to see United take on D—d B—–mand The Gals on 8/9/07.)

The site has been ready for weeks, but waiting for 03.20 (32 is Bobby’s number) seemed like fun. Plus it allowed Bobby compose the site’s first posts.

Working with Bobby and “The Management” was really fun. DC United is in great hands. Everyone was very professional and nice. They are really excited about the site and have big plans for it. I hope you’ll enjoy the design and find the site easy to use.

If you plan to make it to Play tonight for the launch party, I’ll be the short, four-eyed, blonde dork. My sister, Lefty, will be in da house too!

Updated: Just to clarify, all the posts are from Bobby or The Management. I did not author any of the content on his site.

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