When you’re really hungry even the most ordinary meals can become delicious feasts. The food isn’t that good, but it is so satisfying at that moment you don’t really care. DC United’s 3-2 (7-3 aggregate) victory against DVD CD Olimpia was very satisfying, but only because I was hungry for United soccer and the return of Gertrude’s halftime tapioca pudding. Mmmmm.

The Appetizer

This victory is an appetizer for the rest of the Champions’ Cup and MLS season. United’s seven-goal feat is impressive. But, Olimpia currently sits 7th out of 10 teams in their league. In addition, a cold, soggy, and empty RFK provided poor conditions for a comeback. So, to me, United’s victory was like nachos at a Tex-Mex restaurant — appropriate and expected.

Gourmet vs. Regular Strikers

Alecko Eskandarian’s and Freddy Adu’s public personalities were engaging and made them easy to cheer, but DC United has plenty of good guys and needed scorers at the end of the season. Alecko and Freddy (for now) are line-chefs. Emilio is a gourmet, executive chef. In both games of the series he scored goals that Alecko and Adu would have either missed or failed to attempt. Emilio’s years of experience and confidence will serve United fans well throughout the year. (Plus, he can clearly play the same role as Jamie Moreno if United can find a viable third striker off the bench.)

Hopefully, Emilio and Gomez can continue to score goalazios and we can get the rest of the team – like Ben, Disco Rod, and Walker – to score some Ralph Macchios.


5 (out of 5) Giada De Laurentiis. Pretty and gourmet – just like United’s attack!

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