Four FIFA World Cup referees today announced their band The Cautions would tour Germany’s 12 World Cup venues playing song from their new album “Red Card Society.”
The Cautions
Billed as “the men in black,” it’ easy to dismiss the group as a cheap and obvious attempt to cash in on the World Cup mania gripping Germany. But, The Cautions’ songs have an infectious grove and complicated sound. The pop-quartet is backed by DEVO and produced by former Pet Shop Boys front man Neil Tennant, who both bring years of pop music rigor to the songs.

“Red Card Society” is a solid but uninspired album. Hits like “Back dat wall up” and “God musta spent some stoppage time on you” are true hip-hop standards with solid hooks and rhythms. And, power ballads, “Baby Why ya always gotta argue my call” and “Point to the Spot” are classic three cord rock tunes. But, the title track “Red Card Society” is trite. The song’s chorus pleads “Don’t blame me/You made your own bed/Studs Up/Now you see red!”

The Cautions will tour with Sepp Blatter and The Hotpants stating July 9th in Berlin.

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