So, you’re hosting an event? Congratulations! You’ve entered what is one of the most exciting, rewarding and equally frustrating industries imaginable. It’s so much fun, but without the correct due diligence it can be an absolute nightmare. Which is why it is so important to have the right crew around you to offer their support. The question is, how do you hire the right staff for your event? In this article, we’re going to focus on the benefits of temp event staff and why!

1 – Seek out a temp event staff recruitment agency

If you want to hire staff for your event, and you want them to be a top-class bunch, then you’ll need to find a specialise recruitment agency. Fortunately, there are dedicated agencies that recruit employees for events only, which is a very specialist niche. So, whether it’s an AV crew, MC’s to host the event, catering staff, a technical stage management crew, or someone to set up and decorate your stage: you’ll find everything you need under one agency.

2 – Employee a full-time crew for certain roles

Obviously, you’re not going to need a full-time crew if you’re hosting sporadic events that vary in staffing requirements. You might not always need bar staff because certain venues may only provide their own. There are so many factors at play, which is why you’ll want a close unit of full-time staff to assist you with the running of the business. But then the other smaller tasks that you would otherwise delegate, can be handled by temporary staff.

3 – Don’t be put off by the word “temporary”

To some people, temporary means “no good”. As though they can’t hold down a full-time job because they’re inexperienced and are constantly making mistakes. Well, stop your worrying! The reason why temp event staff agencies exist, is because the very nature of the business relies on being able to pick up certain talented individuals at a moment’s notice. It makes sense for many of these candidates to work on a temp basis. They get paid well and there’s always experiencing something new!

So, what you can actually expect, are a team of talented and experienced individuals who will—in most cases—be able to simply turn up and crack on with their duties without too much in the way of guidance from your end.

4 – You won’t need to hire or buy any gear

When hiring through a reputable agency (especially for specialist roles such as AV and stage setup), the teams will provide their own gear. This means that unless the venue that you are using has ample equipment to use, your hired temp staff will turn up fully equipped with everything that they need. Another benefit of this is the fact that it’s always state-of-the-art, given that this is something that they do on a daily basis.

5 – Shop around

You don’t need to rush this aspect of your event. Remember that there’s an awful lot to plan, so take your time and ensure that you are getting the right team to back you up. The best part about it is that once you’ve used an agency and they’ve proven their worth, you won’t need to look anywhere else ever again. So, take your time, do your due diligence, and your event will run as smooth as butter.