Ray Hudson here . . . let’s play some football!

The US needs to be a fist of team today. They have a massive task taking on the La Tri of Ecuador!

0′ – Kickoff. The Orlando Magic US in blue

1′ – Ey-ey! Landon! A wonderful goal from the US star!

2′ – The Ecuador captain makes a miserable clearance and Landon punishes them with a blistering strike! It was all sixes and sevens for La Tri and they are eating their own porridge now!

6′ – Ey-ey! What a stop by Timmy Howard. Ecuador break through but can’t get around Big Tim.

9′ – Clint Dempsey with a brave run to get that ball in the corner and send it across.

11′ – Rumbin’, stumblin’, bumlin’! A goal by Ecuador. Number ten.

15′ – Ey-ey! Oh Eddie! A miss.

17′ – The La Tri attack in waves. The US must weatha’ the storms.

18′ – This one is heating up! Like a mid-winter stew this is comin’ to a boil!

24′ – Oh my. Eddie Johnson with the missed pass. The brave run was ruined by the heavy pass.

26′ – Ey-ey! What a brave run from DaMarcus! Just couldn’t make it work.

27′ – What a game. Both teams are showing their hearts. The US just is missing the final bit of class. The final pass and just that last touch that creates the magic.

28′ – Ecuador with the strength of Galapagos tortoise but the speed of a hare! What a team.

38′ – Ey-ey! What a brave header by Brian Ching. He get’s hurt badly, but he really put in on the line for the lads. He’s so tough and brave.

44′ – What a run by La Tri! Ecuador are just streaking down the flanks.

45′ – Ecuador are really taking it to the US lads now. Can boys in blue make to the half without breaking?

45′ – A good half of football. Both teams are really playing to win. The US needs to move the ball quicker and play through Donovan’s lovely feet whenever possible. Ecuador just can’t find the the final ball to make the US pay.

I’m off to enjoy the second half with a pint and some chips!