1:05 pm – Cheatin’ Bob just hanging out. The press all seem to be . . . elsewhere.

1:10 pm – Videos! With rock music and Bob coachin’ ‘em up.

1:12 pm – Get that Jim guy some coffee! The dude has all the enthusiasm of a mortitian.

1:14 pm – The Hobbit on the mic!

1:15 pm – Sunil insists US Soccer had “the luxury of time.”

1:15 pm – Sunil is now blowing Bob. This should be X-rated.

1:16 pm – “Bob would, should, and could coach the US National Team”

1:16 pm – Hmm. So a “long term deal” was cut in January ‘08. I assume mostly focused on the U-23s

1:18 pm – Bob on the mic.

1:18 pm – Sounds like a December conference call was key to this whole arrangement. Bob impressed during that call and it was his job to lose . . . maybe. This all could be happy talk for the public.

1:19 pm – Bob shares an anecdote about Youri Djorkaeff.

1:21 pm – “Close the loop” with the Euros was the delay.

1:22 pm – Bob runs out of steam. Uses “Ahhh” too much.

1:25 pm – Bob sez: you gotta earn the Captain’s arm band. So it may rotate. “A lot of people [will be] asked to step-up and take a ledership role.”

1:26 pm – Summer tourneys: “The plan is to have a handful of players that play in both events.” “A mix of MLS and European-based players.” Gold Cup roster may be ready next week.

1:27 pm – Damn! A good question from a sports journalist! ‘So when did you abandon the Euro. peeps?’ Sunil had vague answer. Decision was “partly dictated by results” . . . Sunil didn’t learn much extra about Bob during the interim phase. Sunil phrased Bob for bringing in young talent when results would mean so much to Bob’s status.

1:29 pm – Bob: “You don’t become a real coach until you know what failure is all about.”

1:31 pm – Bob channels his inner Bruce: ‘I don’t tell the media everything’

1:32 pm – Olympic team? Bob says there is no rush and they are discussing how to go forward.

1:33 pm – What is the American style? “The latest thing on our mind is the idea that in team sports in the US we haven’t been as successful as late . . . we got to the point we spend so much time focusing on the individuals before the team accomplishes anything.”

1:34 pm – Bob invokes the Miracle on Ice: “We must become a real team.” “Play collectively with a belief in what we are trying to do.”

1:36 pm – Do you want to be liked? “Everyone has a style as a coach. On the inside I’m open and honest with the players . . . I don’t . . . play mind games.”

1:38 pm – Sunil keeps smickering at questions. What!? Do we amuse you? Are we funny like a clown? We make you laugh?

1:40 pm – The Peter Nowak rule! “Let us enjoy this win!” aka Lighten up Bob!

1:41 pm – Bob learns “smiling is sometimes important.” Next up . . . I’m OK, you’re OK!

1:43 pm – Sunil lost a bet about a question. Apparently, it was about Bob’s ability to speak Spanish. “I will continue to try and learn [Spanish].”

That’s it! Boring! Bruce would have belittled at least three reporters.

Good luck to Bob and the US National Team: We are all part of Bob’s Army!