Chivas proved to be the better team (barely) tonight in Guadalajara defeating DC United 2-1 (3-2 aggregate) on a very nice equalizer and then a lucky break to get the game winner.

I totally meant to do that!

We’re not sure what to call Jaime’s shot. It’s not really a bicycle kick and not a rainbow. A rainmaker? Skyhook? Getting’ Rid of the Overhead? Oh! We know. Sweet. Creamery. Butter!

Bofo the Clown

Adolfo Bautista is available for parties! Your kids will love Bofo’s big red nose, the diaper on his head, and his socks tucked into his shin guards. Plus he does magic! You’ll be awed by his amazing separation trick. One moment he is standing next to you, the next he is three feet behind you! (Actually, you better like it. It’s his only trick!)

I’ve seen better hands on a watch!

Poor Troy Perkins. He stopped everything he could, but the rain and a terrible give-away in United’s own end lead to a nightmare goal. Troy was caught slightly flatfooted and couldn’t get enough grip on Gonzalo Pineda’s strike. Somewhere Brenda Haywood nodded knowingly.

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