Smell that? You smell that?

Fresh new season, Gertrude. Nothing in the world smells like that.

I love the smell of new season in the morning. You know, one time we drank in Lot 8 for 12 hours before the season opener. When it was all over, I staggered up to the stadium. We didn’t sit, not for one stinkin’ minute.

That smell, you know that stale beer and smoke-flare smell, the whole section. Smelled like … victory. Someday this season’s gonna end …

– – –

Hmm? What Gertrude? Oh. Shit. More flashbacks? Damn. I gotta stop freebasing the Metamucil.

Lefty, intrepid girl reporter, knows much about preseason soccer from her days as captain of the Just-up-the-Mountain University “FightingWampus Cats.” She reports that preseason is all about fitness tests, bad cafeteria food, 2-a-days, taking your picture for the website/media guide near the end of week when you look exhausted and, of course, Bobby Boz’s favorite, watching movies.

Oh. And you play some soccer during all that too.

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