Major League Soccer and Olde English 800 Malt Liquor today announced the first class of Olde English Project-40 Playas that will be eligible for the 2007 Hooligan Draft.

Eight college freshmen (three from number-one ranked UT-Austin) headline the 20-member class of top drunkards and soccer freaks that signed contracts with Olde English and MLS. All of the playas received a year’s supply of OE800 and free transportation to and from games.

All the Project-40 Playas and invited college seniors will be participate in a five-day bender in Lot 8 of RFK, so supporter groups can evaluate the playas prior to the 2007 Hooligan Draft on February 10th at Stinky Harry’s Bar and Salon in Chicago. The Lot 8 combine will include drumming, chanting, cussin’, pissin’, and chuggin’ beers.

Brian McGuire a former freshman and Phi Tappa Kegga member from UT-Austin is considered the best prospect, but some are waiting to see his time on the 40-oz wide-mouth chug before calling him the clear favorite. Two other Longhorns, Steve Smith and Jim Lee, also are highly rated.

The Olde English Project-40 Playas program was established to help local supporters groups identify and nurture drunken reprobates and scallywags for professional soccer hooliganism in the U.S.

“American hooliganism has less violence and more fund-raising that its European counterpart,” explained Olde English 800 spokesman Herbert Lowenstein, “but it is still a a rowdy and rich tradition. OE800 is committed to making its delicious malt liquor an important part of the supporters’ bellies everywhere.”

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