I went to a fight and a Champions League game broke out!

Valencia’s “win” (more on Champions League lawyer ball below) against Inter Milan became instant YouTube fodder when a sissy fight broke out. Easy boys! Settle down. It’s just communist kickball. (And, Navarro – you fight like a girl.)

But, that wasn’t the only game on its worst behavior:

  • The ManU – Lille match had 6 yellow cards
  • and so did the Lyon – Roma match.
  • Bayern Munich – Fake Real Madrid had 3 yellows and 2 ejections.
  • AC Milan – Celtic racked-up 5 yellows as did the Chelsea – FC Porto game and the Liverpool – Barcelona game.

The Away Goals Rule is Lawyer Ball Garbage

Three teams were knocked out of the Champions League tournament on the idea that scoring a goal away from your home field is worth more than scoring one at home. I understand the argument. I’m sure it is really hard to handle a massive two or three hour flight from one urban European city to another, and then have to stay at a fancy hotel. Plus all those hostile fans singing at you (loudly!) and giving you the finger. It sounds really tough! Wait . . . no it doesn’t! It sounds like every away match these teams play!

If CONCACough-Cough – the roughest and toughest continent in the world – doesn’t use the way goal rule than no continent should! You don’t have to bring your own water and food to London or Madrid. You don’t have to dodge bags of urine in Paris.

I say a goal earns a single point no mater where it’s scored. If there is a tie – settle it in on the field with more soccer! That, or Roshambo for it!

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