Buying flowers can indeed be a bit of a minefield. Who to buy for, when to buy them, what species or colours are they going to like? Will it be inappropriate? Will my meaning be misinterpreted? It can be difficult to get it right, though for the most part it’s important to remember that, there’s never an appropriate time to buy flowers. There are however certain flowers which can be more appropriate for certain situations and we’re going to explore them in this article, based on a number of different scenarios. 

And the truth is, nobody is going to turn their nose up at you if you buy them flowers. It’s a wonderful gesture that is almost always received with warmth. Of course, you do have to be careful, as you wouldn’t want to buy the new girl at work some roses as a welcoming present, as that will almost certainly be read the wrong way by her, your colleagues and your girlfriend!  

So, if you like the idea of being able to order flowers online and you’re waiting for the right opportunity to spoil your better half, friends and family, – read on!  



Flowers are certainly an appropriate time for flowers, given that it’s a celebration of your relationship and your love for your partner. If you’re going to buy flowers, opt for red or pink flowers such as Roses or Clematis, as these colours represent passion and love.  


special day


You can go down a couple of different avenues when buying flowers for someone’s birthday. If you are buying for a friend, you should look at yellow flowers, such as chrysanthemum. Yellow represents optimism and joy, which is the perfect symbolism for friendship.  

Then on the other hand, each individual month has its own specific flower. – A thoughtful and heartfelt gesture, particularly if its their favourite colour and they weren’t already aware of their corresponding birth flower.  


valentine day  Romantic Dates  

If you’re taking someone out on a date, perhaps you should buy them some flowers? It might seem like a dated tradition, but it’s still very much a winner. Of course, if you’re meeting in neutral territory, don’t bother, because there’s nothing more inconvenient than having to lug around a bunch of flowers. If on the other hand you’re going to pick them up from their house, then you could bring them with you.  

Orchids and Tulips make excellent flowers for a first date as they are not too overpowering. If you bowl up with a dozen Roses you might look a little mental! (or entirely too desperate)  


Mother’s Day  

Buying flowers for your old dear on Mother’s Day should be a requirement. They gave you nature’s most beautiful gift; life, – and there’s no better way to remind them of your gratitude then with a little flower box. Pinks, reds and purples are always appropriate, such as carnations. (Unless of course they’ve specified a favourite, which by now, they more than likely will have)