Serbian World Cup fan, Predrag Bubalo, said today he is “pretty sure” the flag a German vendor sold him is a Dutch knock-off.

Speaking at a local pub, Bubalo said he carefully examined the suspected flag for hours in his hotel room last night before making the announcement. “I dunno. It just doesn’t look Serbian to me! Sure it’s blue – white – red, but it could just as easily be red-white-blue! Something is fishy about it.”

Dave Thomas, Senior VP for International Flag sales of Billy’s Flag Emporium of Dallas, TX, says the World Cup is notorious for flag counterfeiting. “We triple our sales of flags during a World Cup year. But we still must fight against the black market counterfeiters.” Thomas says spotting a bogus Serbian flag is hard, but says, “if you got it cheap — it’s probably a counterfeit. Good flags cost money.”

Above: Bubalo’s Serbian flag is on the left, with a Netherland’s flag on the right.

Bubalo said he paid 3 Euros for the flag and still plans to use if during the tournament. “I mean, I don’t really care if it isn’t real. I just need it to soak up my spilled beer and to dance with.” Adding with a screech, “Go Serbia!”

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