I’ve been a big fan of hazing since my days as President of Phi Tappa Kegga at Eastern Nevada State University (Go Pronghorns!). And I’m glad to learn that the lads at Chelsea FC are fond of the rites of passage too! Nothing bonds teammates like duct tape, shaving cream, a goat, and lots of crying . . .

According to SI.com’s, Arash Markazi, Chelsea has a tradition of making the new guys sing:

Sometimes it comes as a surprise, other times they are prepped for it, but usually within days of a new player joining the squad, the newcomer is asked to sing a song for the team. (SI.com)

Awesome! We look forward to Ballack’s stirring rendition of Right Said Fred’s 1 “I’m Too Sexy.”

To help all the young soccer stars out there on the Internets, we provideThe Far Post’s Tips for Singing To Your Teammates:

  • Pick a song that everyone knows. With some luck, others will sing along and take the pressure off you. Recommendations: Any pub song, school fight song or, of course, Lionel Richie single.
  • Consider a hip-hop/rap song. Spittin’ out a mad Black Star or Dead Prez rhyme will earn you street cred AND won’t expose horrible intonation.
  • Go first. Everyone is going to remember the last guy’s effort.
  • As tempting as it will be, don’t dress up in drag. Pictures of your performance will appear on the Internet hours later.

1. That website has a login! Lord knows what manner of hidden treasures and dark secrets lurk within the Member’s Only section of Right Said Fred’s website!

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