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Wu Tang speaks The Truth! But so does Garth Lagerway. DC United doesn’t score spray-on, “I can’t believe it’s not butter” goals. They score stop-your-heart, sweet, creamery butter goals!

We know nothing makes a United fan’s heart churn like an udder-ly amazing goal by the Black-and-Red. So, we are having a contest!


  1. Find a clip of any soccer highlight or re-create a highlight (cartoons, stop-action, mime, whatever!)
  2. Record an audio track of yourself (or your friends) announcing the highlight using “Sweet Creamery Butter” at least once. It can be any highlight – real or imagined – and you can say whatever you want, but you must use the catch phrase “Sweet Creamery Butter.”
  3. Edit the clip so it is shorter that 4 minutes.
  4. Upload your masterpiece to YouTube or Google Video with the tags far post sweet creamery butter contest
  5. Send us (thefarpost [at] gmail dot com) the URL of your video bySeptember 30, 2006

Judging Criteria

  • Entries will be judged by Thaddeus and Lefty
  • The winning entry will have the best combination of creativity and passion.


  • Example 1
  • Example 2


  • The Grand Prize Wiener Winner will receive a fabulous prize (which we will announce soon)!
  • Second place will receive a slightly less fabulous prize (which we will announce soon)!
  • Every one else will receive our eternal affection and admiration!

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