Congratulations to DC United and the organizer, Meghan Cameron, on a great event; it was a lot of fun! I was assigned the table with Jay Nolly and Mark Simpson. Jay is a terrific guy and kindly answered all my silly questions about training and goalkeeping tactics. While he should have deduced from my pasty complexion that I have a website, I didn’t mention it. So, I’ll skip direct quotes. But, it is clear the team – and Jay – are very excited for Saturday.

Brief observations

  • It took Ben Olsen all of . . . I dunno . . . five minutes before he had shed the DC United team suit jacket and rolled up his sleeves. I think he even fouled someone just to set the tone.
  • Victor MacFarlane and Will Chang get it. DC United is in great hands. The team’s commitment to Ward 8 and extending the brand through more merchandise seem wise to me.
  • The team is clearly disappointed by their loss to Chivas in the Champions’ Cup. Both Kevin Payne and Tom Soehn mentioned the loss in their remarks to the group.
  • The Hilton served salad, butter pads shaped like the Capitol dome, and chicken.
  • Victor MacFarlane, Will Change, Kevin Payne, and Tom Soehn spoke to crowd. Each man ‘hugged it out‘ after taking over from the preceding speaker.
  • Despite my best efforts I couldn’t get Dave Johnson and Emilio together for an “It’s in the Net” competition.

Fuzzy, poorly composed pictures of the event

Steven Goff (back to the camera) checks in with DC United Co-Managing Partner Will Chang and Head Coach Tom Soehn.

Items from the silent auction. As a Vikings fan, it took every ounce of restraint not to burn the Culpepper jerseY. But since he is now making the Dolphins suck, I let my anger go.

Victor MacFarlane’s son bids on some items.

The Capital Hilton’s set-up.

They didn’t even bring all the silverware . . . just to taunt other teams. “Uh?” “Oh that? Just some stuff from the shelf.”

This post sponsored by the WB’s new hit show – FINS! This summer, evildoers have a new enemy!

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