Beckham was introduced today at the Home Depot Center (HDC) great titans of reporting like Gene Wojciechowski, Pat O’Brien, and Dan Steinbergwere there to share the spectacle. It sounds like the event needed only a need a lion tamer and some acrobats to make it a circus – it sure had enough clown acts andfreakshows

“I was like, damn

Agent Steinz reports:

I asked Donovan to explain the madness; “well, he’s handsome,” Donovan joked about Beckham. “He walked into the locker room, and I was like, damn.”

I don’t blame Landon admitting his non-gay, man-crush on David Beckham, the pheromones at the HDC must have been suffocating. I figure David and Victoria walk around in a Pigpen-like cloud of sexual energy. The media’s love affair, however, is pure as a hooker’s. “Baby, you know you’re my favorite . . . just leave the cash ratings on the bed.”


That isn’t some clever American formation, David. That is your team’s record. You are 19 points out of first place. Also your next five MLS games are all on the road. So, you better all the California sun-and-fun you can now, because the great American heat and stupidity humidity awaits! Enjoy DC in August! (No one else does.)

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We’re back!

I know I promised something “new and exciting.” But, all my ideas sucked. So, I just polished up this turd. It is kinda like the President’s plans for Iraq . . . same as it ever was!

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